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Picture Perfect STEM Lessons Workshop
Class Description:
In this interactive workshop, participants will take part in several model lessons, learn the benefits of using children’s picture books in STEM, become familiar with the BSCS 5E learning model, and learn how to incorporate literacy into standards-based science lessons. A copy of the new NSTA Press book Picture-Perfect STEM Lessons will be provided to each attendee. [Flex Day Credit if prior approval from building administrator]
Date:Monday, June 5, 2017, 8:30:00 AM to 3:30:00 PM
Course Number:S7102jbRegistered:27/40
Presented by:Jake BeersLocation:School of Innovation
Credit Hours:6Fee:$0.00
Target Audience:K-5 Educators / Administrators
For More Information: Contact Jake Beers at Phone: 4797508735
Posted by JACOB BEERS   4/12/2017 1:34:44 PM / 24440

Registered Attendees
Name Building Occupation Grade Taught
MOLLY BALLARD Parson Hills Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
Rocky Bell Elmdale Elementary/Springdale Teacher   1st 
Becky Bennett Early Childhood Center/Springdale Teacher   Pre-K  
COURTNEY BOGLE ESOL Office/Springdale Teacher  Fifth Grade 
SHERI BRAZIL Early Childhood Center/Springdale Teacher  Pre-K 
BELINDA CARTER Early Childhood Center/Springdale Teacher  pre k 
Lisa Cox Childers Knapp Elementary/Springdale Teacher  2nd 
Mandy Curtis Westwood Elementary/Springdale Teacher  2nd grade 
TRACY CURTIS Bayyari Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Fifth 
MARY ANNA DAVIS George Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
Susan Gage T.G. Smith Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Kindergarten  
Cindy Garner Elmdale Elementary/Springdale Media Spec   Librarian K-5  
CHELSEA GARRISON Childers Knapp Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
Kerry George 99/Springdale Teacher  2nd 
TAMMY GUTHRIE Hellstern Middle School/Springdale Teacher  
CASSANDRA HAMPTON Monitor Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
Valerie Harp Tyson Elementary/Springdale Media Spec   N/A  
STEPHANIE HARTER Jones Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
TARA HODGE Monitor Elementary/Springdale Teacher   5th 
LISA LATIN Monitor Elementary/Springdale Teacher  
JESSICA LOPEZ Elmdale Elementary/Springdale Teacher  5th 
JESSICA MOUNCE Elmdale Elementary/Springdale Teacher 
Sally Ratcliff Monitor Elementary/Springdale Teacher  Grade 2 
KARA RICHARDSON T.G. Smith Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
RACHEL Sebo George Elementary/Springdale Teacher  5th Grade 
PERRI WHATLEY Monitor Elementary/Springdale Teacher  
BRITTANY WINNINGHAM Early Childhood Center/Springdale Unknown   

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