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Conscious Discipline Training for Elementary July 24 - 25
Class Description:
This two-day course is to train elementary counselors in Conscious Discipline Training.
Date:Monday, July 24, 2017, 8:00:00 AM to 4:00:00 PM
Course Number:S7127kmRegistered:49/55
Presented by:CD TrainerLocation:PDC Room 100
Credit Hours:24Fee:$0.00
Target Audience:Elementary Counselors
For More Information: Contact Kathy Morledge at Phone: 4797508800
Posted by Kathy Morledge   5/1/2017 4:26:28 PM / 22993

Registered Attendees
Name Building Occupation Grade Taught
CATRINA ANDERSON Childers Knapp Elementary/Springdale Teacher 
PATRICIA ATHEY JB Hunt Elementary/Springdale Asst. Principal   
Erma Banta Lee Elementary/Springdale Teacher  
ASHLYN BERRY Sonora Elementary/Springdale Unknown   K-5 
Shelly Bewley Shaw Elementary/Springdale Asst. Principal  K-5 
Kerry Boles Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Grade 4 
JULIE BOYD T.G. Smith Elementary/Springdale Teacher   
PAULA BYRNS Parson Hills Elementary/Springdale Teacher    
AMY CRUCE Bayyari Elementary/Springdale Teacher   
MADISON CUNNINGHAM Shaw Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
Betty Curren Parson Hills Elementary/Springdale Teacher  5th Grade 
ALEX DAVIS Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   3rd Grade  
Stacey Dominguez Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Instructional Facilitator 
Jenna Donnell Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   First  
CARRIE FARRIS Walker Elementary/Springdale Asst. Principal    
SARAH FEARS Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   4th 
CASSANDRA HAMPTON Monitor Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
SHELLY HARDIN Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   
Emily Hartness Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   5th 
HILLARY HEAD Retired/Springdale Unknown   
Lindsay Hennarichs Sonora Elementary/Springdale Asst. Principal  Asst. Principal 
Melissa Henry Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher  N/A 
LYNETTE HESS Bayyari Elementary/Springdale Counselor    
KATHERINE JENKINS Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Special Education 
KARI JOHNSON Tyson Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
HAYLEE JONES Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   4th 
Debbie Keen Tyson Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Grade 4  
TAYLOR KELLA Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Third 
TAMBRA KNIPE Elmdale Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Pre-K 
Christina Lisle Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Kindergarten 
AMANDA MARSHALL Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   1st Grade 
Gloria Martinez Jones Elementary /Springdale Teacher   Special Education  
CARLI MCCARTNEY Sonora Elementary/Springdale Teacher  Fourth 
Elizabeth Mccoy Early Childhood Center/Springdale Unknown    
JOANNE MCDONALD Bayyari Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Kindergarten 
LYNNETTE MOELLER Lee Elementary/Springdale Teacher 
SHAINA MOSELEY Shaw Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
JESSICA MOUNCE Elmdale Elementary/Springdale Teacher  
ERIKA PEREZ Lee Elementary/Springdale Counselor    
SHELLY POAGE Tyson Elementary/Springdale Principal    
KRISTEN QUEEN Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   1st 
AUDREY RODRIGUEZ Lee Elementary/Springdale Teacher  
LYNN SCHUMACHER Childers Knapp Elementary/Springdale Speech Therapis    
KAREN SHOWALTER Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Grade 3 
Regina Stewman Sonora Elementary/Springdale Principal  Principal 
JUSTIN SWOPE Lee Elementary/Springdale Principal   
Lisa Taylor Shaw Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Grade 5 
Cynthia Voss Shaw Elementary/Springdale Principal   Office 
BRITTANY WINNINGHAM Early Childhood Center/Springdale Unknown   

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