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Due Process Files--IEP
Class Description:
Due Process Files as they relate to IEP's
Date:Thursday, July 12, 2018, 12:30:00 PM to 3:30:00 PM
Course Number:S8107ra1Registered:44/50
Presented by:Tara HarshawLocation:PDC 300
Credit Hours:3Fee:$0.00
Target Audience:SpEd Teachers/Bldg. Admin
For More Information: Contact Tara Harshaw at
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Registered Attendees
Name Building Occupation Grade Taught
CECILIA BATES Washington/Springdale Unknown   
Deborah Blackburn Central Junior High/Springdale Speech Therapis   
JULIE BOYD T.G. Smith Elementary/Springdale Teacher   
MEGIE CANE Young Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
Tara Claussen Bayyari Elementary/Springdale Teacher   
KATHERINE HAMNER Bayyari Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
JASON HATTON Har-Ber High School/Springdale Unknown   
CHARLOTTE JONES Parson Hills Elementary/Springdale Teacher   
KATHERINE MARTIN Elmdale Elementary/Springdale Teacher   
ANITA POPE Young Elementary/Springdale Teacher   
ASHLEY ROYAL Sonora Middle School/Springdale Unknown   
KIM RYAN Bayyari Elementary/Springdale Teacher   
SCOTT SCHROEDER School of Innovation/Springdale Unknown   
LOGAN SHEETS Washington/Springdale Unknown   
PATRICIA VAUGHAN Springdale High School/Springdale Unknown   
PAULA BYRNS Parson Hills Elementary/Springdale Teacher    
LINDSDAY LAUBACH Har-Ber High School/Springdale Speech Therapis    
JULIE TUCKER Springdale High School/Springdale Teacher    
Wanda Proctor JB Hunt Elementary/Springdale Teacher   1:6 Spec. Ed  
ELLEN WATTS Springdale High School/Springdale Teacher   10-12 
Mary Wenkus-Delap Central Junior High/Springdale Teacher   6th-12th Deaf Education 
HOPE MATTHEWS George Junior High/Springdale Teacher   8-9 
SALWA SAMARA Lakeside Junior High/Springdale Teacher   8-9 
Alice Paul Central Junior High/Springdale Teacher  8/9 
CHRISTI SONE George Junior High/Springdale Teacher   8/9 
DEANNA MARTIN Har-Ber High School/Springdale Teacher   English 11 Resource/Inclusion 
Carla Torrijos George Junior High /Springdale Teacher   Grade 8/9 Resource  
MARLYS SCOVILL Springdale High School/Springdale Teacher   Grades 10-12 
CAROLETT COOPERSTEIN Harp Elementary/Springdale Teacher   K-5 
SARAH DENNIS Turnbow Elementary/Springdale SLP  K-5 
HOPE JONES Sonora Elementary/Springdale SLP   K-5 
DARLENE HATFIELD Sonora Elementary/Springdale Teacher   K-5 Resource 
Kaci Smith George Junior High/Springdale Teacher   N/A 
LORRIE NICHOLS Walker Elementary/Springdale Teacher  Resource 
Nancy Wandrie Westwood Elementary /Springdale Teacher   Resource  
Angie Bassett Hellstern Middle School/Springdale Teacher   Special Ed.  
Jill Manary Southwest Junior High/Springdale Teacher  Special Ed. Grades 8-9 
Gloria Martinez Jones Elementary /Springdale Teacher   Special Education  
JARED MIDDLETON Har-Ber High School/Springdale Teacher   Special Education 
Tracy Whelan Turnbow Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Special Education 
JORDAN HARRIS Sonora Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Special Education SEC K-5 
Mary Coger T.G. Smith Elementary/Springdale Teacher   Special Education/Deaf Education 
JEANNIE SMITH Sonora Middle School/Springdale Teacher   SPED 
JOHANNA ROSA Turnbow Elementary/Springdale Teacher   SPED K-2 

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