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Innovation Institute - - Infusing Learning with Technology
Class Description:
The 2-day conference features 2 keynote presentations and more than 80 sessions to choose from. Come for 1 day or 2, and no matter the device, grade, subject, or skill level, every attendee will experience the opportunity to discover new skills, strategies, resources and ideas to refresh and enhance teaching and learning with innovative best practices. Register at
Date:Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 9:00:00 AM to 4:00:00 PM
Course Number:S854raRegistered:31/600
Presented by:Keynote George Couros + over 80 breakout sessionsLocation:Harber High School
Credit Hours:7Fee:$0.00
Target Audience:Educators, Administrators, Instructional Coaches and Technology Specialists
Posted by REBECCA ALVAREZ   2/23/2018 9:20:37 AM /

Registered Attendees
Name Building Occupation Grade Taught
RICK COTTER Childers Knapp Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
AUTUMN CROWDER School of Innovation/Springdale Unknown   
LEAH DUST School of Innovation/Springdale Unknown   
CHERYL HARRISON Elmdale Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
GWENDY LEFFORGE School of Innovation/Springdale Teacher   
JOHN MARQUETTE School of Innovation/Springdale Unknown   
EMILY NICHOLS School of Innovation/Springdale Unknown   
SARAH PIANALTO School of Innovation/Springdale Unknown   
LEIGH SANDLIN Helen Tyson Middle School/Springdale Unknown   
LEIGH VERUCCHI School of Innovation/Springdale Unknown   
BRITTANY WINNINGHAM Early Childhood Center/Springdale Unknown   
RADENE WORLEY Bayyari Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
Deborah Alsip Springdale High School/Springdale Teacher    
PAULA BYRNS Parson Hills Elementary/Springdale Teacher    
RORY MCWHORTER Springdale High School/Springdale Unknown    
SARA OSUNA Sonora Middle School/Springdale Teacher    
Catherine Peters Springdale High School/Springdale Media Spec  10 - 12 
LYNN FAUGHT Springdale High School/Springdale Principal   10-12 
Lisa Cox Childers Knapp Elementary/Springdale Teacher  2nd 
MICHELLE COTTER 99/Springdale Teacher  4th 
LADONNA ELLIOTT Helen Tyson Middle School/Springdale Teacher  6th 
Scarlett Morris J.O. Kelly Middle School/Springdale Teacher   7th Choir  
HOPE MATTHEWS George Junior High/Springdale Teacher   8-9 
REBECCA OWENS Lakeside Junior High/Springdale Teacher   8-9 
Alice Paul Central Junior High/Springdale Teacher  8/9 
CHRISTI SONE George Junior High/Springdale Teacher   8/9 
MARGARET MOORE Lakeside Junior High/Springdale Teacher   8th and 9th 
KIM ARNOLD Har-Ber High School/Springdale Teacher   High school 
Nancy Bailey J.O. Kelly Middle School/Springdale Teacher   N/A  
Kaci Smith George Junior High/Springdale Teacher   N/A 
Cynthia Voss Shaw Elementary/Springdale Principal   Office 

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