Professional Development Opportunity DetailsProfessional Development Opportunity Details

Tier II Training
Class Description:
Training on clerical duties.
Date:Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 1:00:00 PM to 3:00:00 PM
Course Number:S7209ra2Registered:44/90
Presented by:Dee HobbsLocation:PDC #100
Credit Hours:2Fee:$0.00
Target Audience:Secretaries and Bookkeepers
Posted by REBECCA ALVAREZ   7/28/2017 8:36:20 AM /

Registered Attendees
Name Building Occupation Grade Taught
Marsha Jones Administration /Springdale Asst. Supt.   Asst. Superintendent  
TINA DARNELL Springdale High School/Springdale Bookkeeper    
Traci Day Transportation /Springdale Bus Driver    
Donna Beard Springdale High School /Springdale Clerical    
W. Finnell Springdale High School /Springdale Clerical    
Kelli Greenlee Administration/Springdale Clerical   
Terri Pianalto INACTIVE/Springdale Clerical   
Sandra Salsbury J.O. Kelly Middle School/Springdale Clerical   Registrar  
Melissa Totty Maintenance/Springdale Clerical    
Sherry Wood Lakeside Junior High/Springdale Clerical   
Darla Sullivan INACTIVE /Springdale Instructional Assistant   
VERONICA BALTAZAR Sonora Middle School/Springdale Secretary   
DEBBIE BOWLIN George Elementary/Springdale Secretary   
MICHELLE COOPER George Elementary/Springdale Secretary    
Jackie Crisp Westwood Elementary/Springdale Secretary    
KARI GOFF Sonora Middle School/Springdale Secretary   
Robin Hickman Westwood Elementary/Springdale Secretary    
Darla Hritz JB Hunt Elementary/Springdale Secretary   
DENA JANSEN Hellstern Middle School/Springdale Secretary   
NORMA LUKASIK ALE/Springdale Secretary   
Brenda Morrison Lee Elementary /Springdale Secretary    
Argelia Obispo Turnbow Elementary/Springdale Secretary    
GAYLA RANEY Springdale High School/Springdale Secretary   
Vanessa Sbanotto Administration/Springdale Secretary   
YAZMIN SOTO CRUZ Sonora Elementary/Springdale Secretary    
Susan Stewart Parson Hills Elementary/Springdale Secretary   
Adrienne Van Hoozen Administration/Springdale Secretary   
Mary Welch Central Junior High/Springdale Secretary   
Deanna Russell INACTIVE/Springdale Teacher  Lab Manager 
DANIELA ALVARADO Springdale High School/Springdale Unknown   
JANET COMBS Childers Knapp Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
TARA DAVIS Technology Support/Springdale Unknown   
CLAUDIA GOCHI Southwest Junior High/Springdale Unknown   
Darcy Kline Hellstern Middle School/Springdale Unknown   
JOANNA MADDOX Perry Professional Development Center/Springdale Unknown   
STEPHANIE MOUNCE Young Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
KARA NEW Har-Ber High School/Springdale Unknown   
Carmen Parks INACTIVE/Springdale Unknown   
CAROLYN REED T.G. Smith Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
SHERRILL REED Food Service/Springdale Unknown   
IBETT RODRIGUEZ Parson Hills Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
JOANNA RUBIO ESOL Office/Springdale Unknown   
VALERIE SMITH Perry Professional Development Center/Springdale Unknown   
DORA VILLARREAL Early Childhood Center/Springdale Unknown   

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