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PCM Initial Certification- Day 3/Sept
Class Description:
Professional Crisis Management is designed to give participants behavior strategies to use with school age students. Strategies include: preventing crisis behaviors, deescalation techniques, crisis intervention strategies, and reintegration ideas after a crisis has occurred. Three day attendance is required.
Date:Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 8:00:00 AM to 3:30:00 PM
Course Number:S9231ra5Registered:18/18
Presented by:Rachel Underdown, Kyra Moore, & Andee IngramLocation:Springdale PDC
Credit Hours:6Fee:$0.00
Target Audience:Teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, counselors who have been pre-approved to participate.
Posted by REBECCA ALVAREZ   8/19/2019 2:50:35 PM /

Registered Attendees
Name Building Occupation Grade Taught
Curtis Gladden Har-Ber High School/Springdale Asst. Principal   
MENDI HAYTER J.O. Kelly Middle School/Springdale Asst. Principal   
BRETT UNGER Sonora Middle School/Springdale Asst. Principal    
Alison Washkowiak Turnbow Elementary/Springdale Asst. Principal  K-5 
Stacey Ferguson Turnbow Elementary/Springdale Principal   
REGINA BAGLEY Central Junior High/Springdale Teacher    
WARREN BREAUX Lee Elementary/Springdale Teacher   SEC 
ANDREA BUGG Sonora Middle School/Springdale Teacher    
LYNNETTE MOELLER Lee Elementary/Springdale Teacher 
CAROLINE BECKFORD George Junior High/Springdale Unknown   
AMY DUNCAN George Junior High/Springdale Unknown   
CINDY GERSTENKORN Sonora Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
Anthony Haubner Sonora Middle School/Springdale Unknown   
SUMMER JENEY Sonora Middle School/Springdale Unknown   
MICHAEL JENNINGS Springdale High School/Springdale Unknown   
BEATRIS MEDINA Sonora Elementary/Springdale Unknown   
KYRA MOORE Special Education/Springdale Unknown   
PAT SANDERS Tyson Elementary/Springdale Unknown   

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